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Next Meeting Tuesday, May 5th, 6:00 pm
The Market Avenue Wine Bar

Our guest drinker is Ilya Romanov of American Heelers:

I started American Heelers out of my Fathers small shoe repair operation specializing in shoe repair. Found a niche modifying shoes for people with a leg length inequality. Founded in 2006 we now have approximately 10,000 customers in every state and in over 20 countries.

Website is here:

Hot Seat #1: Jeff Bargiel
Insects digest with unrivaled efficiency – function that could benefit industry. This lead Ento Bio to identify and synthesize insect digestive enzymes for industrial utility, especially for the millions of products that involve breaching cell walls or treating difficult compounds. Let us bring you a natural, enzymatic, insect-derived solution to reduce energy, chemicals, waste, and cost.

Hot Seat #2: Tom Donelan
Company: Deck of Dice
Our nine amazing dice are printed with a full deck of 52 cards plus 2 jokers—they contain every playing card face from a standard deck of cards. The dice are patented with a special design so you can roll hands for rummy, poker, 21 and many more games. The dice can achieve every 4-of-a-kind, every straight flush, and every royal flush!


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I really enjoyed the give and take in the discussion. I picked up many good ideas. This event helped me solidify many of my assumptions, and overturn a few as well.

– Bill King of Top Ten Tapers
Former Guest Drinker and Hot Seat

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