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July Gorilla Group Meeting

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The Guest Drinker on July 7th is Alec McClennan, the founder of Good Nature Organic Lawn Care.  On first glance this looks someone jumping on the “Green” movement for a quick buck.  Not So Fast.  The business is more than ten years old and is not part of the green hype.

On the Hot Seat is Mark Chollett a long time member of The Gorilla Group.  After hanging around our motley crew of entrepreneurs for over six years he finally bit the bullet.  He quit his job at a Fortune 500 company and bought Norris Precision Machining earlier this year.  He is just a few months removed from the big corporate machine and now has all the responsibility.


Register for July here.  The meeting Tuesday July 7th.

The Annual Meeting is coming up in just one month.  We are going to be returning to Whiskey Island just outside downtown.  The location is as close to perfect as we could hope.  A great view of downtown, the Coast Guard Station and Lake Erie.  To get registered for August Please Click Here.





January Meeting of The Gorilla Group

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The January Guest Drinker is David Sinclair, the Founder of Advance Hydro Solutions. This is a tale of Green Energy, Grand Plans, Government Regulation and multi state jursidictions.

David retired from General Electric and spent time with Reliance Electric. After having proved himself with the Big Boys he started Advanced Hydro to take advantage of the nation’s unending thirst for electrical power. He raised a little bit of money and set out build new power stations on the water ways of the United States.

Along the way he lost a business partner and built a relationship with a larger German manufacturing firm and butted heads with the powers to be in Columbus.

Join us on Tuesday the 6th of January at 6:00 PM and kick off the new year.

Also on Tap for a 5 Minute Business Plan will be Jim England from CorkShare. It is a brand new startup based here in Cleveland from the minds of a couple of Case Western guys.

Welcome to the new Gorilla Group Website

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Greetings fellow North Coast Entrepreneurs! This is the new Gorilla Group website. We are using WordPress to allow for quick and easy updates to our site and to leverage all the powerful tools that the WordPress software and community provide.

Please feel free to leave feedback for as you well know, a website is a living organism and never “finished”.

Thanks and check back soon for updates – or subscribe to the RSS feed for automatic notifications!


December Meeting of the Gorilla Group

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Announcing the December Meeting of The Gorilla Group

Tuesday December 2nd

6:00 PM

Touch Supper Club, 2710 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH

$10 Pre Registered/ $15 at the event

This is a joint meeting of The Gorilla Group and the British American Chamber of Commerce.

Have you considered really thinking outside of the box?  Do you remember the advice of last month’s guest drinker? How about some international entrepreneurship?  This is a great chance to expand your network and really think globally.

We are going to network from 6:00 to 7:00 and then kick off the formal part of our meeting.

The December Guest Drinker is Pat McDonagh.

Pat is an Irish entrepreneur that had an unpleasant foray into business in the U.S. His partners played with the books and drove the company into bankruptcy.  So what is any good Irish Lad to do?  Buy the whole thing out of bankruptcy and go Coast to Coast with the concept.   The company of course is Claddagh Pubs.

On the Hot Seat is Blaine Mickens.  He is a young entrepreneur that got the bug for business from John Zitzner and E City.  He is in the real world now and does not want a job.  This is your chance to help an aspiring owner with Real World perspective on their dreams.

To preregister for the meeting send an email to  See you at the Touch Supper Club on November 7th.

Gorilla Group Meeting

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